Video: Home to Store

Note: The use of word “consumer” refers to both traditional consumers but fans of race teams and drivers alike.

Almost every home in the United States has at least two TVs. TV is the most emotionally powerful medium on the planet and will be the dominant medium of our lifetime – as a device, a format, a host of news, sport, drama, entertainment, gaming, social media, web, advertising.

YouTube users streamed 8.5 billion videos in January alone. Is this TV? Of course! TV is the driving integrating force of a bigger idea – sight, sound and motion in the street, on the go, in-store, in the moment. We remember 20% of what we read, 80% of what we see. This is why video marketing is so powerful.

TV, mobile, social, internet are becoming one. The victors will be those who outplay others on the field of great content. People are drawn to compelling stories. By creating a great story in a compelling way, brands and race teams alike will have an audience – and revenue.

The key is to understand how the audience feels. Have them participate with you and each other on their screens through creativity, emotion and relevance.

The store is an experiential journey, and it works search to shelf. Consumers will increasingly have their screens on them 24/7. There will be exceptional growth of online streaming and mobile, increasingly a mashing online searching with in-store experience. Everything is mobilizing. YouTube is seeing 200 million mobile playbacks a day. Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions.

Therefore, our job is not only to satisfy, but to inspire and surprise, to build buying momentum throughout the journey from first impression in the home or on the move to when the consumer buys in the store.

By utilizing video, brands and teams will invoke the emotional connection and compelling stories necessary to procure the consumer.

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