Selling by yelling is dead.

Traditional marketing as we know it has changed forever

The whole economy has shifted from a rational economy to a emotional economy. In days past, a company’s primary concern revolved around shareholder return and value. A viewpoint that is very antiquated today. Now, to succeed any company, regardless of size, has to be purpose inspired and not just benefit driven. It must be driven by a dream, not by shareholder value.

Studio Rhoad’s purpose is to take consumers and companies and clients out of their rational price and benefit-driven, left-brain thinking spaces, and get them into emotional high gear, the right-brain heart space, where the true action lives. Others might be still hiding under the desk, thinking that the new attribute or feature or extension or discount will drive your market share or preference or margin. It’s very likely that it won’t because emotion is the lightning rod for success in this new marketing world. We need a double-shot of emotion to earn a date and then romance the consumer. The challenge is to get in tune, feel what matters and act with empathy.

The “now” is where life happens.

Today’s consumer is always on, absorbing, creating, sharing and moving at the speed of light. So our job is to reach through the tweets and shares with emotion and give people a new, radically optimistic vibrant, unreal, crazy, and astounding experience. This new perspective flows from the “age of now”. People navigate a demanding world by living in the moment. The “now” is where life happens. It’s where we really live. Most importantly, it’s where action occurs.

Psychology tells us that people are happiest living in the Now. Not dwelling on past regrets or getting lost in daydreams, but in the moment, because this is when miracles can happen in front of us. The Age of Now does not suffer from marketing. Marketing in the traditional sense is dead. We’ve shifted from an Attention Economy, selling by yelling, to a Participation Economy, selling by involving.

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