Priceless value

Marketing has been all about the product as hero, but the ground has shifted to consumer as hero. The consumer’s biggest question is: “How will you improve my life?”

This means understanding and responding to how the consumer feels about their life, what is important to them, the truths about their problems and passions. It means shifting emphasis from selling product to adding experience and pumping excitement.

Example: Fiat 500 can charge a 30% premium based on a feeling.

The great brands are “Purpose-inspired; benefit driven,” just like their audience. They involve people in something bigger than themselves, while delivering moments of joy and exhilaration.

Emotion is how people decide, how to start conversations and rouse movements. Emotion is the key to better decisions, to stronger value, to higher margins and profit. In the Now, emotion is king.

Donald Calne “Reason leads to conclusions, emotion leads to action.”

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