Chasing The Dragon Hill Climb – Time Trial

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This past Sunday, Sir Blevins and I headed to the Chasing The Dragon hill climb held by the SCCA. Ive watched a ton of hill climb racing on Youtube, but this was the first time Ive seen it in person.

There were only two disappointments to this event. One, I really wish it was held on the Tail Of The Dragon; I think we all wish that. Two, spectators weren’t allowed on course due to there not being a safe place to spectate from. No big deal though. Safety first. It was still enjoyable and we met a lot of cool people.

ie Vicky Lanning
[singlepic id=398 w=610 h= float=] [singlepic id=399 w=610 h= float=] I did a short interview with her which will be up on FRN soon. Super cool chick. Vicki is well-established as a hillclimber. She has been hillclimbing for a number of years now, as has her husband, Steve. Also, Steve is the Regional Executive for the region that put on this event, as well as being a crew member on the Rolex Series #69 Speedsource Rx8. Legit.

[singlepic id=404 w=610 h= float=] These guys came up from Charleston, SC (my hometown) with their full built rally car.

[singlepic id=406 w=610 h= float=] View from the driver’s seat.

They put up a few in-car videos from the hill climb. Here is one of them:

[singlepic id=384 w=610 h= float=] Aside from the ’63 Porsche (first pic of the post), this GT3 was one of my favorites at the event. Tire warmers, hydraulic jacks…. this guys wasn’t playing around. And he proved it by setting the fastest time for the weekend.

[singlepic id=451 w=610 h= float=] Others weren’t so lucky.

I took some vids from the start box with my phone:

All in all… good times. Im looking forward to the next one. Who knows, perhaps I’ll drive in it.

More pics:

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