Entrepreneurs and business owners, in general, are increasingly scared of change. When you’re in that marketing meeting and propose a certain tactic or initiative or feature, it is viewed as subjective in the eyes of the business owner. And by being subjective in nature the business owner, who are running the business via a P&L, are unlikely to see the value in your subjective proposition. It involves risk.

It also involves pain. Often times, similar changes are accompanied with a certain level of pain that resonates with those close to the initiative. Yet, within those changes is ultimately where growth occurs. Revenue hides in change.

So, how do you induce change and remove pain from the other side of the table?

That’s what we discuss in this week’s Automotive Aftermarket Masterclass along with how to:

  • Remove Uncertainty From Your Marketing Efforts
  • Create Consensus Between You And Your Team
  • Learn how a the customer’s journey reflects commerce
  • Receive A Free Journey Map Template


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